We advise

We use our years of experience and pre-sales expertise to guide you in every step of the journey. Data enables us to identify the buyer persona of your target market. Together with you, we then determine the qualifying questions to find prospects who are of real value to your business. 

    We prospect

    As the market is constantly evolving, prospecting should be a continuous pre-sales activity. This is why we build a strong prospect database that is systematically expanded and managed by your pre-sales consultant.

      We qualify

      Securing an appointment is as important as understanding why someone refuses an appointment. Our call agents collect a vast amount of information that we store, process and analyze. Through filtering, we increase our appointment success rate and generate better leads.

        We automate

        The validated market information collected by your pre-sales consultant is of tremendous value to your sales team. Therefore, we can even integrate the pre-sales platform with your CRM system. In doing so, we convert telemarketing into a vital part of the sales process.

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          AM is a B2B pre-sales organization, we generate predictable telemarketing for software and technology companies. We also offer consulting, training and placement services.
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